B.V. NIMAG imports a very wide variety of vehicles and parts to the Netherlands. The company is an independent importer of Suzuki and sends automotive, motor and marine products to dealers every day.

'Parts Express ensures that our consignments arrive with the dealer on time and damage-free, whatever it takes'

Martin de Pater, Order Management Manager: 'Parts Express transports many goods overnight, so that our dealers can get to work with them straight away in the morning. Now and then we also use Same Day Express. We prefer to have as much as possible transported by Parts Express, as they provide excellent service. And they are committed enough to get our consignments to the dealer, whatever it takes,. This is why we have been working together for more than 20 years. Parts Express knows how to transport anything, small to large, damage-free.

As Parts Express has a large network with good coverage, we can serve both our large and small buyers well. The collection times at our distribution centre recently changed. Parts Express handled this very well. And now that Parts Express registers returns on line, we have even more insight.'

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