Our working method

Parts Express has an extensive fleet of varied vehicles. Through these we offer a variety of services: from transportation of complete shipments to the distribution of small consignments over a dense network. With more than 250 trucks and 100 delivery vans, there is always sufficient capacity, including for urgent jobs.

Environment and Quality
Bij Parts Express waken we continu over de kwaliteit van onze dienstverlening. Dit blijkt uit:

  • our PDG certificate (a recognition from the Physical Distribution Group)
  • our ISO quality and environmental certifications
  • our excellent quality scores.

Parts Express delivery performance
Correct deliveries, Daytime Distribution 99,40%
Correct deliveries, Night-time Distribution 99,45%
Correct deliveries, Same Day Express 99,70%
Scan performance of Daytime Distribution 95,40%
Delivery performance before 02.00 pm 96,50%

All Parts Express drivers who transport hazardous substances are trained in the transportation of ADR goods. We also observe safety and environment regulations on the work floor. We have special ADR coordination in the depots. This is carried out by employees who know how to handle dangerous goods. And by separating waste at the source as much as possible, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also take waste costs into consideration.

Green energy

Parts Express consciously works for a better environment. This is why we buy green energy for a number of our sites. This is energy that comes from renewable energy sources that are carbon neutral, such as sun, wind, water and biomass.

Cleaner lorries

Many of our trucks meet European standard 5 or 6. We therefore meet the requirements set by the government with regard to transportation within a growing number of environmental zones.

Our LHV (Longer Heavier Vehicle combination) drives from Meppel to Mechelen every day. Driving an LHV saves journeys and is therefore better for the environment.