• Careful handling

At Parts Express we continuously monitor the quality of our services.

This is according to:


Our ISO quality and environmental certificates

Our excellent quality scores

Delivery performance Parts Express

  • Correct deliveries Daily distribution 99.65%
  • Correct deliveries Night distribution 99.55%
  • Correct deliveries Same Day Express 99.35%
  • Scan performance Daily distribution 95.30%
  • Delivery performance before 2 p.m. 96.50%


All Parts Express drivers who transport dangerous goods are trained in the transport of ADR general cargo. We also comply with safety and environmental regulations in the workplace. For example, we have special ADR coordination in the depots. And by separating as much waste as possible at source, we not only save the environment, but we also consider waste costs.


Green power

Parts Express is consciously committed to a better environment. That is why we purchase green electricity for our branches. This concerns electricity that comes from renewable energy sources that are CO2 neutral, such as sun, wind, water and biomass.


Cleaner trucks

Many of our trucks meet the Euro 5 or 6 standard. This means that we comply with all government requirements for transport within a growing number of environmental zones.


Our LHV (longer and heavier truck combination) drives between our various depots every night. Driving an LHV saves journeys and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions and is therefore better for the environment.

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